Expand your learning in 6 targeted poster areas

eP3_Story3A vital part of your Scientific Sessions 2016 educational experience comes from the posters. To help you narrow your search of the more than 3,375 posters, we have organized the posters into six poster sections and integrated the posters throughout the Science and Technology Hall. You’ll find posters — organized by Clinical (two sections), Population, Basic Science Late-Breaking, Best of Specialty and Special Focus — positioned by exhibitors that offer related products and services.

There are several additional ways to peruse the cutting-edge research of the posters:

  • View the posters electronically on personal workstations found at the front of the Science & Technology Hall or on your mobile device.
  • Network with “Poster Professors,” who are top researchers in their respective fields of interests, as they make their rounds and interact with top poster presenters about their investigations.
  • From 10:45 a.m.-noon Nov. 14, meet with poster presenters who represent the top abstracts from each specialty conference during the Best of AHA Specialty Conferences Poster Session.