LBCTs, CSSRs reveal bigger science

eP4_Story1_largeCome face-to-face with the latest and biggest clinical cardiovascular breakthroughs in 2016 at Scientific Sessions, Nov. 12-16 in New Orleans. The highly anticipated Late-Breaking Clinical Trials and Clinical Science Special Reports will uncover the latest developments that will impact your patients.

Late-Breaking Clinical Trials

Sunday, Nov. 13

LBCT.01: Big Trials for Big Questions

  • EUCLID — Effects of Ticagrelor Compared With Clopidogrel in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease
  • PRECISION — Cardiovascular Outcomes With Celecoxib Versus Ibuprofen or Naproxen: The Precision Trial
  • HOPE-3 — The Effect of Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Lowering on Cognition

Monday, Nov. 14

LBCT.02: Pioneering the Future of HeART Interventions

  • ART — Randomized Comparison of Single Versus Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery Grafting in 3102 Patients: Effects on Major Cardiovascular Outcomes After Five Years Follow-Up
  • FUTURE — The FUnctional Testing Underlying Coronary REvascularization (FUTURE) Study: A “Real World” Comparison of Fractional Flow Reserve-Guided Management Versus Conventional Management in Multi Vessel Coronary Artery Disease Patients
  • PIONEER AF-PCI — An Open-Label, Randomized, Controlled, Multicenter Study Exploring Two Treatment Strategies of Rivaroxaban and a Dose-Adjusted Oral Vitamin K Antagonist Treatment Strategy in Subjects With Atrial Fibrillation Who Undergo Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
  • GERMANY — Patients at Intermediate Surgical Risk Undergoing Isolated Interventional or Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement for Severe Symptomatic Aortic Valve Stenosis One Year Results From the German Aortic Valve Registry

Tuesday, Nov. 15

LBCT.03: Insights From New Therapeutic Trials for Lipids

  • ORION 1 — Inhibition Of PCSK9 Synthesis Via RNA Interference: 90 Day Data From Orion-1-a Multi-Centre Phase-2 Randomized Controlled Trial
  • GLAGOV — Effect of Evolocumab on Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis in Statin-Treated Patients: A Placebo-Controlled Intravascular Ultrasound Trial
  • AEGIS-1 — The Safety and Tolerability of CSL112, a Reconstituted, Infusible, Human ApoA-I, After Acute Myocardial Infarction — The ApoA-I Event Reduction in Ischemic Syndromes I (AEGIS-I) Trial
  • Ionis-Angptl3-lRx, An Antisense Inhibitor to Angiopoietin-Like Protein 3 [angptl3] Reduces Plasma Angptl3 and Lipids in Healthy Volunteers with Elevated Triglycerides
  • MILANO-PILOT — Impact of Infusion of an ApoA-IMilano HDL Mimetic on Regression of Coronary Atherosclerosis in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients: The MILANO-PILOT Study

Wednesday, Nov. 15

LBCT.04: Guiding the Momentum to Effect HF Outcomes — Ironing Out the Wrinkles

  • REDUCE LAP HF — Transcatheter Interatrial Shunt Device Provides Sustained Clinical Benefit at One Year in Patients With Preserved or Mildly Reduced Ejection Fraction: The REDUCE LAP Heart Failure Trial
  • ATHENA HF — Aldosterone Targeted NeuroHormonal Combined With Natriuresis Therapy in Heart Failure (ATHENA-HF) Trial
  • IRONOUT HF — Oral Iron Repletion Effects on Oxygen Uptake in Heart Failure (IRONOUT HF)
  • EFFECT HF — Effect of Ferric Carboxymaltose on Exercise Capacity in Patients With Iron Deficiency and Chronic Heart Failure (EFFECT-HF): A Randomized, Controlled Study
  • MOMENTUM 3 — Multicenter Study of Maglev Technology in Patients Undergoing Mechanical Circulatory Support Therapy With HeartMate 3 (MOMENTUM 3) — Primary Results of the Short-Term (Six-Month) Cohort

Clinical Science: Special Reports

Monday, Nov. 14

CSSR.01: Cell Therapy: Ready for Prime Time?

  • MOBILE — Administration of Autologous Bone Marrow Cells for Limb Salvage in Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia: Results of the Multicenter Phase III MOBILE Trial
  • PACE — Administration of ALDH Bright Cells to Patients With Intermittent Claudication: The NHLBI CCTRN PACE Trial
  • POSEIDON-DCM —Randomized Comparison of Allogeneic Versus Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Patients With Non-Ischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy — The POSEIDON-DCM Trial
  • TIME —The NHLBI TIME Trial: Role of Microvascular Obstruction in Two-Year Clinical and MRI Follow-Up

CSSR.03: Risk Reduction Strategies on a Global Stage

  • RESPONSE 2 — A Comprehensive Lifestyle Intervention in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease: Main Results of the Randomized Multicenter Response 2 Trial
  • HCPIA (Argentina) — A Cluster Randomized Trial of a Comprehensive Approach for Hypertension Control in Low-Income Patients in Argentina
  • GHP-CHANGE (FUSTER TRIAL) — Randomized Trial of Community Health Action to Encourage Healthy Behaviors: The Grenada Heart Project — CHANGE Trial
  • BiomarCaRE — Large-Scale Analysis of Lifetime Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Europe and Population Attributable Risk of Cardiovascular Risk Factors. For the Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in Europe (BiomarCaRE) Investigators

Tuesday, Nov. 15

CSSR.02: Precision Medicine on the Frontlines

  • GUASS-3 — A Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) Identifies Novel Loci Associated With Clinically Defined Statin-Associated Muscle Symptoms in a Double-Blind Cross-Over Re-Challenge Trial
  • Incidence of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Patients With Genotyped Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Norway During 2001-2009
  • A Loss-of-Function Variant in CETP Is Associated With Altered Lipid Metabolism But Not With Cardiovascular Disease Incidence in Chinese Adults
  • Prospective Clinical Implementation of CYP2C19-Genotype Guided Antiplatelet Therapy After PCI: A Multisite Investigation of MACE Outcomes in a Real-World Setting

CSSR.04: Hi-Impact EP Registries and Clinical Trials

  • SMAC-AF — Atrial Substrate Modification With Aggressive Blood Pressure Control to Prevent Atrial Fibrillation (SMAC AF)
  • The San Francisco Postmortem Systematic Investigation of Sudden Cardiac Death (POST SCD) Study
  • RE-VERSE-AD —Idarucizumab For Dabigatran Reversal: Updated Results of the Re-verse Ad Study