Genomics Bootcamps designed for clinicians

eP4_Story2Our Genomics Bootcamps will give you the skills to incorporate cutting-edge genomic technologies into your own research programs. And this year, two bootcamps will take you through case-based learning activities.

The “Next-Generation Sequencing Classroom” on Saturday, Nov. 12, is intended for early career members who want to get hands-on experience with RNA-sequencing data processing and related techniques. The “Clinical Genomics Bootcamp” returns on Sunday, Nov. 13. This crash course is geared toward clinical practitioners who want to learn the basic concepts of genetics and genomics and how to apply them to clinical practice. Certainly, all attendees are welcome to attend both bootcamps.

Instead of using a lecture-based format, AHA/ASA Council on Functional Genomics and Translational Biology Committee members have invited experts in genetic counseling to serve as facilitators, who will circulate the room to guide the small groups in their discussions. The groups will discuss patient scenarios covering single-gene testing, whole-genome sequencing, cardiovascular risk prediction and pharmacogenomics.

Space is limited for both Genomics Bootcamps at Scientific Sessions 2016. If you wish to attend, spots must be secured via the Registration Resource Center. In addition, all Genomics Bootcamp attendees must complete the Basic Concepts in Genetics and Genomics CME/CE activity on prior to the event. A certificate of completion must be presented for entry.