Impressive lineup of speakers in Anaheim

At AHA Scientific Sessions 2017, you can expect the BEST of the best to offer insights on cutting-edge science and preferred practices. You will be able to learn from, meet and network with some of the biggest and brightest names from across the globe in the fields of basic, clinical and population science. Here are a few big-name presenters who will be at Scientific Sessions 2017, as well as the titles of their presentations.

2017 Hypertension Clinical Practice Guidelines

Nov. 13

  • Robert Carey
  • William Cushman
  • Kenneth Jamerson
  • Paul Muntner
  • Sandra Taler
  • Rhian Touyz
  • Paul Whelton

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Blood Pressure Management: Next Steps

Nov. 13

  • Wilbert Aronow
  • Robert Carey
  • Donald Casey
  • Daniel Jones
  • Sidney Smith
  • Paul Whelton
  • Jackson Wright

Health Tech Summit: Technology & Health Care: The Road Ahead

Nov. 13

  • James Mault
  • Jessica Mega
  • Dennis Schmuland
  • Sue Siegel

Fogarty, NHLBI, NIH and the Future of Global Cardiovascular Health Research

Nov. 14

  • Gerald Bloomfield
  • Goodarz Danaei
  • Valentin Fuster
  • Tom Gaziano
  • Roger Glass
  • Mark Huffman
  • George Mensah
  • Dorairaj Prabhakaran
  • Srinath Reddy
  • Amy Sims
  • Karen Sliwa
  • Tecla Temu

Precision Medicine Summit: The Future of Precision Medicine and Big Data

Nov. 14

  • Joshua Denny
  • Michael Murray
  • Michael Pencina