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Getting Involved With the AHA Early
in Your Career Has Great Benefits!
am an enthusiastic supporter of the AHA’s
mission to build healthier lives. Their
mission has touched me on several levels.
When I got married
(to a non-scientist),
so many of our
wedding guests
were excited that
the then president
elect, Dr. Arnett,
was attending the
wedding because
they were familiar
with the AHA. So
many of our friends
had accessed the
My Heart Check
website, used the calculators and searched
for advice. I knew then that I wanted to be
involved with the AHA heart and soul. Getting
involved was easy! I was already a member
(which is key) and I loved attending the AHA
conferences. I started attending the business
meetings for my councils (not as boring as
you would think) and found they were actively
asking for volunteers. I raised my hand and
suddenly I was applying to sit on the Early
Career Committee and reviewing abstracts for
the conferences. From there I was asked to sit
on several study sections, I joined the Behavior
Change Council and started to pull together
expertise on a paper that looked at family
strategies for obesity prevention in preschoolers.
When people ask me how to get involved in
the AHA, I say, “Be brave, but remember that
the AHA wants to involve you — no matter
who you are or what stage you are in your
career.” Attend conferences, introduce yourself
to people and make that step to put yourself
forward as a volunteer. The AHA staff and
scientific volunteers will find a way for you to
be involved. In addition to scientific volunteer
opportunities, there are ways to be involved
as part of your community. If you sign up for
You’re the Cure
, you will
receive notification of opportunities for writing
to legislators, participating in Heart Walks and
promoting AHA prevention strategies among
your friends and colleagues – such as infant
CPR. These are vital and important missions
for the AHA and I have been delighted to
participate in many of them. However, joining
the AHA, getting to the conferences and being
part of the AHA scientific community are most
useful for professional development. Through
these routes I have been able to network with a
host of colleagues – both junior and senior. This
has led to many discussions that have helped
me develop more creative and forward-thinking
scientific ideas. Overall, being involved with the
AHA has increased my passion for prevention
research and vastly improved the quality of the
research that I do.
Alexis Frasier-
, PhD
The Mark Bieber Award.
PhD, Lawrence J.
Steven N. Blair Award for Excellence in
Physical Activity Research. Jean-Pierre
DesprÈs, PhD FAHA, Seth Martin, MD ,
Lawrence J. Appel, MD MPH FAHA.
Scott Grundy Fellowship Award for Excellence
in Metabolism Research. Jean-Pierre DesprÈs,
PhD FAHA, Eric Ding, ScD, Lawrence J.
Scott Grundy Fellowship Award for Excellence
in Metabolism Research. Jean-Pierre DesprÈs,
PhD FAHA, Huijie Zhang, MD PhD, Lawrence
J. Appel, MD MPH FAHA.
Award for Excellence in Research Addressing
Cardiovascular Health Equity. Jean-Pierre
DesprÈs, PhD FAHA, Anne Thorndike, MD
MPH, Lawrence J. Appel, MD MPH FAHA.
Lawrence J. Appel, MD MPH FAHA, Early
Investigator Travel Awardees, Jean-Pierre
DesprÈs, PhD FAHA, Tian Hu, MD MS, Yong-
Moon Park, MD, Christopher Imes, PhD, Keith
Pearson, MS, Yao Jie Xie, PhD, Sabyasachi
Sen, MD PhD MRCP, Kunal Karmali, MD, Li
Wang, PhD, Karl Minges, MPH, Danxia Yu, PhD.
Després, PhD,
FAHA, at the annual
Fun Walk/Run.
Application submissions are open through
June 10. This award recognizes and honors
early career investigator and trainee Council
members for their achievements and their
continuing research. Three finalists will be
chosen for a prize of $1,000 each. Each of
these finalists will present their work at the
Scientific Sessions 2015 and compete for a
$1,500 travel award.
To apply for an award, you must submit
an original abstract and a short unpublished
manuscript of original work, along with a
current CV and a letter of support.
for details.
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