AHA Scientific Sessions 2019 Daily News - Day 2

Life-threatening, underrecognized, and underdiagnosed, ATTR-CM is a rare condition found in mostly older patients in which misfolded transthyretin proteins deposit in the heart. 1-7 It is vital to recognize the diagnostic clues so you can identify this disease. S U S P E C T AT T R - C M ( TRANSTHYRET I N AMYLO I D CARD I OMYOPATHY ) A L I F E - T H R E AT E N I N G D I S E A S E T H AT C A N G O U N D E T E C T E D The health information contained in this ad is provided for educational purposes only. © 2019 Pfizer Inc. All rights reserved. September 2019 PP-R1D-USA-0469 LEARN HOW TO RECOGN I ZE THE CLUES OF ATTR- CM AT : S U S P E C TA N D D E T E C T . C OM CONS I DER THE FOLLOWI NG CL I N I CAL CLUES , ESPEC I ALLY I N COMB I NAT I ON , TO RA I SE SUSP I C I ON FOR ATTR- CM AND THE NEED FOR FURTHER TEST I NG Pa i d Ad v e r t i s eme n t to standard heart failure therapies (ACEi, ARBs, and beta blockers) 8-10 H FpEF I NTOLERANCE D ISCORDANCE D IAGNOSIS E CHO N ERVOUS SYSTEM heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in patients typically over 60 5-7 between QRS voltage and left ventricular (LV) wall thickness 11-13 of carpal tunnel syndrome or lumbar spinal stenosis 3,9,14-20 showing increased LV wall thickness 6,13,16,21,22 —autonomic nervous system dysfunction- including gastrointestinal complaints or unexplained weight loss 6, 16,23,24 References : 1. Sipe JD, Benson MD, Buxbaum JN, et al. Amyloid fibril proteins and amyloidosis: chemical identification and clinical classification International Society of Amyloidosis 2016 Nomenclature Guidelines. Amyloid . 2016;23(4):209-213. 2. 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