AHA Scientific Sessions 2019 Preview and Preliminary Planner

ATVB CIRCULATION RESEARCH STROKE ■ JAHA CIRCULATION: GENOMIC AND PRECISION MEDICINE CIRCULATION: CARDIOVASCULAR INTERVENTIONS CIRCULATION: HEART FAILURE CIRCULATION HYPERTENSION CIRCULATION: ARRHYTHMIA AND ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY CIRCULATION: CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING CIRCULATION: CARDIOVASCULAR QUALITY AND OUTCOMES ISSUE 5 THE ISSUE IS ORGANIZED BY TOPIC TO MAKE FINDING RELEVANT CONTENT QUICK & EASY! Hypertension & Nephrology Cardiometabolic Health Epidemiology & Big Data Prevention Health &Wellness Women & Special Populations General Cardiology Neuroscience & Stroke ATVB [Basic & Clinical] Electrophysiology & Arrhythmias Intervention Imaging & Nuclear Medicine Genetics & Genomics Heart Failure & Cardiomyopathies Cardio-Oncology The latest edition of the American Heart Association Journals’ Trend Watch is available online and includes content across the full spectrum of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. CHECK IT OUT TODAY! Scan the QR code or visit www.ahajournals.org/trend-watch NEW Edition Available! PAID ADVERTISEMENT